Monday, September 6, 2010

Blogger Heaven . . .hmmmm

Well we're trying to figure out the blogging media so here goes. We're posting to keep Belize Mission & Retreat supporters up to date via blogging.  We also want to reach new supporters and short term teams interested in taking a step into an Extreme Adventure in Serving Christ! We're just what you're looking for.

Please sign up to read our blogs,  we'll be updating at least weekly here.  You can always check out our website at to see what else is happening.

If you are a team interested in booking a STM, then check out the pages that have our applications. You can also contact us via the website with our phone #'s and address to send applications or answer any questions you may have!

Happy blogging. . .


  1. Vera, Basil. I have kept you both (along with the people of Gail's Point) in daily prayer since we met "back in the day". Glad to see your blog up and running. For those that haven't been to the Belize Mission, I highly recommend it. You will receive much more than you give.

    May you both continue to be blessed in a mighty way.

    Much Love,

    Bill Bailey

  2. I'll stay tuned and share with the mission team at New Harvest what's going on!

    Paul Mannino