Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weddings Bells ringing soon!

There are weddings in the air in Gales Point. Come next Springtime there will be a double wedding!  Shannon and Amanda were the first to get engaged!  Shannon is one of our caretakers and our boat driver.

You may remember in the last blog I mentioned to put Una's name in the back of your mind, because you'd be hearing more about her in the future!  Well I didn't expect it to happy so soon! Last night I received a text message saying 'ENGAGED!'  We're definitely excited because the couple who will be the 2nd couple in the double wedding are none other than . . . . . . .  Kenny Welch our young Pastor and Una Galvez our newest Reading specialist and Sunday School Teacher. 

Both of these couples are very involved in the leadership of the Galilee Gospel Chapel. We're so proud of them both!  Please add them to your prayers as they are going against the village tradition of just being common law. 

April 9, 2011 is the big day at this point.  We're praying and would ask you to join us that there will be more couples coming forward to make this a 'VILLAGE WEDDING'! How awesome would that be!

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