Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hurricane Richard hits Gales Point and Mission Base

It is official, Hurricane Richard made landfall as a Category 1 at 90 mph at Gales Point and our Belize Mission & Retreat.  I have not been able to reach anyone in the village or at the mission base.  Everyone was to evacuate, there was a bus sent into Gales Point by the government however, the bus came back empty, as no one would leave the village because they are afraid of the looting that would take place by those who would stay behind.  The Bjorgen family are safe in San Ignacio staying with a friend of our, Margaret Mooney.

I've been trying to call everyone whose phone # I have in Gales Point, but no one answers.  We have no idea how bad or what the situation is at this time. We are praying that God's hand remained on the base and over the village of Gales Point. 

We are requesting that if you know of any churches that may be interested in helping with recovery for the village and the mission base, to please stay tuned as we find out anything we'll be posting on FB and here on our blog!

Prayers are needed for everyone in the village and throughout Belize.  Our village is a shanty village and it would not be hard for the winds at 90 mph to blow most of these homes over and destroy them totally!  Praying for God's mercy upon the people of Belize and especially Gales Point and the mission base. 

Stay tuned for updates as we get them.  Blessings, Vera

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